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Fee change 2024

My fees for new clients increased on the 1st January 2024 however if we started work before then I have kept your fee the same.


All new clients have been charged at a new rate since the beginning of this year.  However I have kept my fees the same for all current clients for the first half of this year.  From the 1st June 2024 all clients will be charged at the same rate which means some clients will be charged a higher rate from then on.

Fees from 1st June 2024

From the 1st June 2024 my fees for all continuing clients will be:

£55 per session for individual counselling

£70 per session for couple's counselling

Supervision fees will also increase.

It's good to talk!


I'm doing my best to let everyone know several months in advance so we have time to talk through any of this.  Please let me know the next time we meet if you'd like to speak about anything to do with this fee increase and how we manage it.

07963 593 817

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