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Dealing with changes and resolving difficulties is often part of the day to day reality of being in a relationship.  However if you're unhappy or troubled, and are finding it hard to resolve between the two of you, then working with an independent counsellor can often help.

Sometimes couples come to relationship counselling because they are:

  • feeling that they are struggling to communicate with each other

  • finding it difficult to respond to a change that has affected them

  • dealing with pressures from the outside world.

I work with couples in all sorts of relationships:  from what society would consider the most conventional to those that are unique to the individuals within it.  Between us we will decide what your relationship would most benefit from.  Sometimes this can be as simple as providing an environment within which both of you can speak and be heard.  In others it can be a process of rediscovering or reusing skills from other areas of your life. 

Although it has a lot in common with one-to-one counselling, relationship counselling has some important differences.  If we decide to work together we'll discuss and agree these together at our first session but the most important one is that I will be working equally for both partners.

If you're interested in booking in an initial session there's more detail here.

07963 593 817

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