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Getting started

If you'd like to give counselling a go then I always recommend booking one session to start with and then we can decide between us if working together will get you what you're looking for. 

You can reach me on the contact details below or fill in the form and I'll contact you.

My Suffolk consulting room is just outside Sudbury with plenty of discrete, free off-street parking.  You can see the location on the map.

I also offer counselling online via an easy to use, secure video connection.

I charge the same, whether in person or online:

  • £55 per session for individuals

  • £70 per session for couples

Appointments are available from 8am-8pm weekdays.

Email me at

Or call me on 07963 593 817

Contact me
I'd like to see you about
I'd like to see you
Please contact me by

07963 593 817

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